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Nettl: cloud hosting

Your Nettl website, webshop or application will be deployed into our cloud hosting platform powered by AWS EC2. This uses the same proven infrastructure that runs famous names like Netflix, Pinterest, Expedia and Amazon.


Scales With You

As your business grows and you gain more traffic to your site, we’ll work with you to scale your computing power.

High Availability

It’s vital your site is always online so we’ve built high availability into our infrastructure, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Avoid Disasters

You don’t need to worry about disaster recovery. With Nettl Cloud Hosting, it’s built-in and automatic.

High-quality, reliable web hosting that scales as your business grows.

As a default, all websites we build are hosted by one of the most robust cloud hosting platforms out there, Amazon’s AWS EC2 – a proven infrastructure which provides all the benefits of cloud hosting for the likes of Adobe & NetflixSoundcloud & SpotifyITVChannel 4The Guardian & Financial Times, and of course, the worlds largest retailer, Amazon itself to name but a few.

Trouble free browsing

Speed is an important factor when choosing hosting; people are visiting your page with intent – to access information or to purchase an item – and any delay could send them back to the search results.

With our website hosting, we can guarantee a seamless experience for your visitors as they navigate from one page to the next, and offer complete ‘SSL‘ Secure Certification whilst going through the checkout stage to make a transaction if you have an ecommerce website.

Multiple, regular, website back-ups

We back up your website every hour for the first 2 days. Then we stick with daily backups and after 3 weeks move to weekly back ups. 

The best thing is we keep them for you to choose which one to restore to, so if you don’t notice immediately if your site was compromised, we’ll just wind back further. We can look in our control panel for your site and select which site to roll it back to.

For WordPress sites, some information is stored in Files while other is stored in the Database. We can restore either or both.

Plans and Pricing

We believe in keeping things simple, so depending on what type of website we build for you, we’ll suggest a suitable hosting package. This makes it easy to budget what you’ll be spending each month, with no unexpected surprises.

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