Using our great new website content management at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre was the key to having a successful and contemporary website that met staff and customers needs. The Leisure Centre is used by a rapidly growing customer base and the website content such as timetables, events and the facilities on offer is constantly changing. Communicating what is going on at Stocksbridge Leisure is important to its continued success. The website is a vital communication tool for reaching out to existing and new customers so easy to use website content management is a necessity in a crowded market place.

Customers want to see new content appearing on a regular basis to keep them up to date with what is going on at the leisure centre and when. With our content management system (CMS) we helped Stocksbridge Leisure make the site a focal point of the leisure centre for its users. Our CMS is accessible via your web browser or via an App which is available on both android and IOS.

Great new website content management at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre.

Great new website content management at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre.

WordPress is the most powerful CMS on the planet, it powers over 20% of the world wide web and is used by over 60 million websites. The internet is constantly evolving and so is our CMS. There are updates every day, including the latest security updates ensuring your website is kept safe. Updating the site is so easy and this means your staff can post updates on events like the latest offers for customers or how your organisation is performing in real time without any fuss. WordPress also integrates seamlessly with social media ensuring you have a coordinated approach to your online presence.

An easily accessible and managed website.

A site that can be accessed and managed across a variety of platforms.

We can integrate all of your blogs into your website CMS and if you have any existing wordpress blogs we can integrate them into your new system too. All your images and files are stored within the CMS allowing you easy access to them and the images will be automatically resized and optimised for online use. You can also decide how you would like a page to be laid out. Our system means where you would like the images placing, adding bullet points or tables and checklists is all up to you. You can manage your website, preview all your work and once your happy with it send it live with ease.

With technology changing at the rate it does you cannot build a website and forget about it for a couple of years, it has to be constantly evolving and our packages are designed to ensure this happens. Our websites packages include:

A fully responsive website that can be viewed on any platform, mobile tablet or desktop
Easily updatable using WordPress CMS
Links to social media

If you would like full details of all our website packages, including pricing or you would like to arrange an online demo please contact one of our website specialists at or call us on 0114 379 2033.